Public Adjuster Training Course Content

Tampa, Florida : April 18-20, 2022

Working IN Your Business

Claim Litigation Prep Bootcamp (Part 1 & 2)


PRESENTED BY MERLIN LAW GROUP : Having a claim go to litigation is never the expected outcome for public adjusters, but it can be one of the best ways to assist your client indemnify their property. Learn the best ways to prepare every claim as if it were going to litigation and find out how to best work with your lawyers and fast track claim preparation. This session will be taught by the leading first-party law firm in the country.

Merlin Law Group’s top litigation team will be teaching this Masterclass. Where else would you have direct access to the very best in the industry?!

Policy & Endorsement Breakdown

One of the core responsibilities of being a Public Adjuster is learning how to read and understand insurance policies and endorsements. This session will teach you how to understand all relevant information from both residential and commercial insurance policies.

The course instructor is a 51-state all-lines licensed professional who has extensive experience writing, selling and training brokers to sell policies across property (HO1-8), marine, inland marine, and much more.

Public Adjusting Document Workshop

Paperwork and deadlines make the public adjusting industry go ’round and ’round. It can also eat up much of your (and your staff’s) time, be prone to errors, and not always make it out the door on time. This session will help you design and implement a customized document repository that will strengthen your claims case and save time in your company.

Business Audit

When was the last time to you took an end-to-end / top-to-bottom / inside-out look at your business process and outcomes?

Many public adjusting companies are born out of something else – converted carrier adjusters, former roofers or general contractors, another public adjusting firm – and have a funny habit of doing business how they have always done business. There may be a better way, but you won’t know it until you perform an audit. This class has been designed to walk you through a self-assessed business audit and offer multiple corrective and growth tactics and strategies to move forward.

Metrics That Run Business

Reports and statistics can help build and guide your business, but only if you know which reports to run and what information to derive from them. This session will help you identify your business growth goals, 3-5 measurable data points you should be tracking, and how to move the results in the direction you want. We will also help you identify reports that will self-motivate your staff to improve their performance and results as well.

Planning for Claim Exceptions

What happens to your claim (and client relationship) when you go to litigation? What does a law firm need for a successful – and quick – outcome? This session will cover what it takes to prepare EVERY claim for pre/litigation, insufficient coverage, remediation, etc. with minimal effort.

Working ON Your Business

Working Through the 7 Business Stages


Every business can be classified into one of seven business stages. How you operate your business is very much dependent on where you are and where you plan to go. If any of these stages look like your public adjusting business, this class is a must-attend for actively mapping your steps forward.

  1. Starting – Is your public adjusting business less than a year old? The processes, procedures, and framework you set now will shape your company over the years (and assure that your company makes it years…) You need a plan!
  2. Stalling – Business is great… until it isn’t. Don’t blame it on the weather, well structured public adjusting companies can (and DO) consistently bring in six- and seven-figure fees even when the ‘skies are blue.’ You need a plan!
  3. Soaring – Need to catch your breath? Need to turn away new claims but you aren’t sure which ones? Need to hire staff but just don’t have one-single-extra-minute to think about it let alone train new staff? You need a plan!
  4. Sinking –When your business feels like it is in a death spiral, it may look like a really good option to throw in the towel or just work for someone else. You owe it to your clients, your staff, and YOURSELF to turn your company around. You need a plan!
  5. Shifting – Businesses changes. Industries changes. People change. How do you stay profitable with your core public adjusting business while bringing on additional service offerings such as appraisal or estimating? You need a plan!
  6. Selling – Congratulations! You’re officially “one foot on the golf course” and looking forward to not running a business any longer. You need a plan!
  7. Staying – Well. You are perfectly happy where you and your company is… now what?

Networking that Works

Networking that works (building & nurturing client and vendor relationships)

No-Pressure Soliciting

No-pressure / no-stress soliciting and sales tactics that work

Small Business Marketing that Gets Results

Digital & traditional marketing – how to create a system that works for you without any work

When Disaster Strikes... Your Company

Computer ransomware and viruses. Disgruntled employees. Divorce. Mutiny. We’ve seen a lot of reasons public adjusting companies have taken a solid hit on the jaw, and most times it can be prevented, or at least softened. This session will outline best practices you may want to take to ensure that your business doesn’t implode from within.