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Our Spring 2022 Conference sold to 110% Capacity!!

Public Adjuster Business Building Training Conference

Presented by ClaimWizard & Merlin Law Group

Public Adjuster Business Building Training Conference

This is a public adjuster business conference like none other before it. By attending your public adjusting firm will learn to:

Increase Profits & Close More Claims
Create a profitable operation that lets your business close more claims faster
(Re)Structure Your Business
Design your organization and business processes to run without your direct oversight
Learn Effective Marketing Techniques
Learn effective marketing techniques to drive qualified clients to your doorstep
Litigation MasterClass
Learn the best ways to prepare your claims for settlement or litigation.

Who is this Conference For?

This event is designed for the unique needs of Public Adjusting company owners, partners, and founders – and those aspiring to be.

It is ABSOLUTELY for anyone looking to...
  • Level-up their public adjusting business operations and staff productivity
  • Configure and execute a true RevOps framework
  • Learn how to create and implement a rock-solid inbound lead generation system
  • Design a solid and profitable company around their public adjusting skills and team
  • Quickly compile claims for litigation with your Law Partner for optimal profitability
It is NOT for...
  • Tire-kickers to the public adjusting industry
  • Public adjusting company staff
  • Owners who are afraid to grow profitable
  • People that have no intention of making radical changes to their firm’s operational framework
  • Anyone afraid of change and hard work
  • People that don’t recognize that being a good Public Adjuster is NOT the same as being a great Public Adjusting Company
  • Law firm or attorneys in the first-party claims space

What to Expect

A three day intensive conference program that will help you and your team gain unique business strategies, competitive advantages, growth tactics as well as foster relationships that will help your business thrive for years to come.

3 Days
Three jam-packed days of learning, networking, and inspiration designed to fast track your public adjusting business into overdrive!
12 Workshops
Custom designed to teach you how to increase profitability and productivity in your business.