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What Do You Need to Know?

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Basic FAQ

What is Included?

Your ticket fee covers attendance to the full length of the training and all related handout materials. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks all days are included.

Our Conference sponsor Merlin Law Group is hosting a dinner on the second night of the event.

What is Not Included?

You will still need to take care of a few items outside of your ticket price.

  • Transportation to / from the training location
  • Hotel / lodgings (room blocks coming soon)
  • Any non-included food or beverages
Why is this training worth the cost?

 We aren’t training how to be a better public adjuster, we are guiding and mentoring you to become a better public adjusting BUSINESS.

Our track record is working with company owners to 3x-5x their revenue, restructure their companies for optimal efficiency and profitability, and – in some cases – position themselves in the industry to acquire other firms.

So, the real question is, are you willing to invest $2,500 now to increase your company revenue 5x?

There are several training and bootcamps on the public adjusting market today that charge similar (or higher) fees for their courses. No doubt by attending them, you will learn every conceivable way to prepare a Proof of Loss, read policy endorsements, determine the allowable compensation for appraisal fees, and avoid the Unauthorized Practice of Law – and so much more.

What you won’t get is over 50 years of collective knowledge from hundreds of public adjusting firms across all of North America how to:

  • Level-up your public adjusting business operations and staff productivity
  • Configure and execute a true RevOps framework
  • Learn how to create and implement a rock-solid inbound lead generation system
  • Design a solid and profitable company around their public adjusting skills and team
  • Quickly compile claims for litigation with your Law Partner for optimal profitability
  • Design a hiring & training roadmap for office support, adjusters, estimators, and managers
  • …and SO MUCH MORE

Our curriculum director for this conference is Lynette Young, ClaimWizard’s Co-Founder & Sorceress of Alchemy. She is a Certified Business Advisor and has over 25 years experience of designing and mentoring profitable and well-run small businesses and franchises. She is a proven process and technology strategist with focus on workflow efficiencies and scalability.

Over her professional career, Lynette has worked with clients of all sizes ranging from Google, Twitter, Harlequin Publishing, and American Airlines to HVAC installers, electricians, local appliance retailers, franchises, and now exclusively public adjusting firms.

Lynette heads up the ClaimWizard RevOps team.

How do I contact the Conference Team?

You could drop us an email or give us a call at 210-783-0102 thanks!

Conference FAQ

Will I get Continuing Educations Credits?

This training is not offering Continuing Educations Credits. Why? State and national organizations do a fantastic job of offering CEC courses and honestly we would rather leave that heavy-hitting to them. We have found over the years that getting CECs approved for business-growth classes is virtually impossible, even though there is a high demand and need for this type of specialized education in the industry.

Part of why the Public Adjusting Business Building training course came about was a clear gap in customized, actionable, and results-oriented business strategy and growth education for the public adjusting industry. Because our team has a combined 50+ years working with public adjusters – including access to some of the top professionals in the industry – we thought it was time to put together a training conference. The entire public adjusting industry does better when we work more efficiently, act more ethically, produce more profits and help more people. We sincerely wish to contribute to that.

Will This Conference Help My Public Adjusting Company?


Do I Need to Use ClaimWizard to Attend?

No, but we strongly believe that the ClaimWizard tool helps you run a better public adjusting business. The business information you will learn during the Public Adjusting Business Building training course has been created and curated around the most up to date best practices not only for public adjusters, but successful small businesses and owners. You will learn how to build workflows and better manage your time – even if you don’t use ClaimWizard. ClaimWizard just makes those tasks work much easier and smoother.

What's a MasterClass?

These are classes uniquely designed by the ClaimWizard Founders & Team to help you use ClaimWizard based on your company ecosystem and size. We don’t believe training should be “one size fits all.”

  • Public adjusters (working alone or with other public adjusters) that do not have support/office staff have very different needs than public adjusting companies with adjusting teams and departmental office staff.
  • Public adjusting companies that are stable in their size and service offerings have very different goals than those that are on a crazy-fast growth path.
  • Public adjusting companies that are just starting out (or starting over from a complimentary industry such as construction or carrier adjusting) have much different challenges that legacy public adjusting companies (those that are currently being run by third- or fourth-generation ownership.)

No matter how you came to public adjusting or where you are headed, the Public Adjusting Business Building training course will help you design that path and give you a good shove in the right direction!

What is does it mean to work IN vs ON my business?

Working IN and ON your business are two sides of the same coin and are equally important.

Working IN your business means working on the things that produce the specific services your company sells. Things such as:

  • Preparing Proof of Loss sheets
  • Scheduling appointments with clients
  • Running estimates
  • Generating paperwork
  • Tracking deadlines
  • Training staff

Working ON your business includes all the things you need to do in order to strengthen and grow the business entity such as:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Hiring staff
  • Business networking, education, and association participation
  • Planning for the future
Can I Bring My Staff?

YES! (We are!) While it may not be necessary to bring every member of your staff, those that are in management or executive positions will benefit. Basically, anyone that has a role in your company that helps set the direction and operation of your public adjusting company will find tremendous benefit in attending.

Will This Training Help Me Become a Better Public Adjuster?

Yes and no. The Public Adjusting Business Building training course is not focused at all on the actual art/science/business of public adjusting – only the business built around that service. If you need Continuing Education Credits or public adjusting-specific training, we suggest contacting your state and national public insurance adjuster association.

What is a Magic MasterMind?

Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

The Magic MasterMind is all of the above concept and more. Because our team has been working with public adjusting businesses (and many other types of businesses from global corporate to mom-and-pop) over the past 27+ years, we bring a lot of tried-and-true knowledge to the table.

We see what works for public adjusting companies in Miami and what does not work for public adjusting companies in New Jersey.

We see public adjusting companies struggle to sign claims even when they sit in the bullseye of a catastrophic event and we see public adjusting companies have so much business they turn away under-seven-digit losses during ‘blue sky weather.’

I'm an Attorney / Non-Public Adjusting Company, Can I Attend?

Not really. This training is 100% centered around growing a public adjusting business. The workshops may not directly apply to your law firm (or restoration company or dry out franchise…)

If you are only looking to solicit public adjusters, then this isn’t the right event for you. Training attendees should all be willing to actively participate in the workshops to grow their business.